Some subject areas among others:

  • Journey to your own power place (primal power)
  • Journey to the ancestors Journey to the under and upper world
  • Discover your power animal
  • Connection with Mother Earth
  • Soul recovery

You will be trained to become a shamanic healer.

Shamanic training will be on Monday, January 24th until Friday, January 28th, and Monday, February 14th until Friday, February 18th.
And for those that can only on weekend , May 8-9th, 15–16th and May 22nd.

During this time the Chakras, or rather the energy centers, will be opened. You will be learning to travel to all three worlds. First off, the underworld for connecting with the power animals (this is about your own powers and talents). Second is the upper world, in order to establish the connection with your personal teachers. You will also learn to communicate and let yourself be guided by these spirits (light beings) in the middle world, which is where you also live now. Furthermore, we will learn how to be sensitive and clairvoyant and how to see into the energy field of people and objects. You will learn who you really are in the different dimension levels and what your purposes in this world are. We will clear the genetic code and family karma from the mother’s side as well as the father’s side. The highlight is learning how to heal as well as how to recover lost soul parts. Powers which were lost, such as joy, light, connectedness, happiness, wealth, or also self confidence. With the help of the elements and the spirits, you will experience transformation, which will open paths in your life. The price for shamanic training is a total of 1500,- euros, of which 300 euros must be paid in advance in order to secure your spot. The training takes place in a small group setting and is hence very intense, since every individual gets taken into account. 

The training will be in Köln 50823, Fröbelplatz 7.

You may gladly transfer the amount for training to the following account:

Lichtportal e.V

IBAN: DE29 3704 0044 0501 6589 00

Of course, I’m also available by phone in order to answer any further questions.

Light greetings,