• A warm Welcome

    Barbara Panouchou Spirit healer, shaman spiritual teacher.

  • A warm Welcome

    Barbara Panouchou Spirit healer, shaman spiritual teacher.

  • A warm Welcome

    Barbara Panouchou Spirit healer, shaman spiritual teacher.

Life story

In Barbara Panouchou’s family, her mother as well as her grandmother were also clairvoyant. Although their abilities were clearly perceptible, they did not use them. 
Already as a small girl, Barbara Panouchou felt a connection to light beings. Her parents were also aware of her capabilities and occasionally asked her for advice 
on how to deal with particular situations. 

Working Method

Barbara Panouchou’s healing methods include spiritual cleansing (bringing back parts of the soul), shamanic healing, past life regression, as well as bioenergetics, 
only to name a few. In connection to these, she applies her special abilities: she’s supposedly clairvoyant and able to see a person’s aura and spiritual blockage.

She approaches everyone seeking her help with all of her possibilities.

She claims to be connected with the spiritual world and obtain information about her clients through her light beings. Through touch, by using her fingertips, she’s able to open their third eye - our energy center for wisdom and understanding, also called chakra.

There’s also a bureaucratic approach in additional spheres

If Barbara Panouchou wants to find something out about her clients, she asks the so-called Akashic records: The supernatural “book of life” she sees in golden 
hieroglyphs, which are translated into images for her by her spiritual helpers. It contains an all-encompassing, spiritual mind in immaterial form, in which the destiny 
of each human being is supposed to be meticulously recorded.  

Every human being has a color (aura)

Barbara Panouchou explains that every person has a color in their aura - sometimes  even multiple ones around them - in different brightness levels of violet, red, white, blue, etc. The color shows a specific purpose and the person’s condition. 


Divinity is within us - a seminar participant reports

Ester, a midwife, has been integrating the knowledge gained from Barbara Panouchou’s 20-week seminar into her everyday life. However, not everyone                    
becomes a healer after the seminar. But this heartful energy is useful in every job field. Ester doesn’t want to forego this information anymore. She can see what karma  the child is bringing with it to the world during birth, and can ask the spiritual helpers if and how she can help.  

The author of the book - her personal experiences in the seminar

“Since I wanted to know more about communication between the worlds, I decided to go to Barbara Panouchou’s seminar daily over the course of a few months. This other invisible space, which was being treated in, interested me very much. One day, I was allowed to carry out a healing session with her for a client. I entered this healing space - which I was unable to see but, astonishingly, was able to feel - with the spiritual instructor. It was indescribable!” (from: Great Healers of the World, Trinity Verlag)

My offered workshops

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Session procedure - Missing parts of the soul are found in different worlds.

The clients lie in a dim room with candlelights on an exam table. The healer establishes contact with the spiritual world for the client. Barbara Panouchou asks 
her light beings (angels) to establish contact with missing parts of her clients’ soul, which are supposed to be found in different worlds..

She takes her clients by the hand, so to speak, and takes them into the spiritual healing space, into another dimension. She works with them in this space. 

  • Individual session on site
  • Long-distance healing

Kirlian photo before and after treatment


Interview with Barbara Panouchou

Helga Mitsdörffer:  Ms. Barbara Panouchou, you work as a spiritual healer and instructor. You’re very successful, many patients get healed through you. What 
training have you recieved? 
Barbara Panouchou:
Throughout many years, I’ve expanded and perfected my innate healing powers again and again through spiritual techniques. I began training 
in reading auras, clearing techniques, reincarnation therapy, rebirthing, working with shamanic beings. This was followed by training in light language and holy geometry. 
Helga Mitsdörffer:  
Your healing work with people strongly involves the endeavor of winning back the unification of body, soul, and spirit. How important is this aspect? 
Barbara Panouchou:
It is only through this unity that healing can begin, because every human being is divine fire that is inactive. As long as a person lives 
independently of this understanding, disturbances of the soul and body start to appear in different levels of intensity, which lead to illness.  
Helga Mitsdörffer:  Could you please tell our readers a little bit more about your treatment procedures? 
Barbara Panouchou:  
My work now lays, among other things, in discovering the origin together with the patient. Very often, separated parts of the soul have to be 
found and reintegrated in order to heal traumas. This loss may occur in very painfully perceived life situations and may even lay way back, also in earlier lives. It reduces the power of the soul, which is crucial to the person’s health. When parts of the soul (with the support of my healing being and throughout the course of treatment) start coming back and the soul slowly starts to regain its old strength, the person - his or her divine self - can start to feel at home in his or her own body. Only then can one live in real contact to the earth. True identity, the essence of our personality, and all the layers of our being, can come into contact with the earth together with the light beings, so that we may recognize at the end of this process that we are creators. We create our reality through our thoughts, feelings, and language. 
Helga Mitsdörffer:
 You also give seminars and train healers there as well. 
Barbara Panouchou:  
During my seminars, in which I train spiritual healers, I lead my students into higher levels with the help of the spiritual group’s energy and the power of the circle. Through the mediation of spiritual laws and higher truths, a holy gate appears, which in turn leads to inaugurations that activate the divine plan. Under my  leadership, the students learn how we can realize the garden of Eden here, and how to see their neighbor, in order to be able to lead them to their essence.  
Helga Mitsdörffer:  
Ms. Panouchou, I thank you for this conversation and wish you, as well as your clients and students, further great success.


Great healers of the world - How energetic and spiritual medicine works miracles

A comprehensive description of Barbara Panouchou's 24 pages and how she works can be found in the book "The Greatest Healers in the World", written by the renowned screenwriter, editor-in-chief and journalist, Ms. Heike Katzmarzik.